Creating Custom Brushes in Photoshop – Part 1

In my previous tutorial, I taught you how to load/install new brushes in Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll learn how custom brushes are created and saved. Once again it is a very simple tutorial but if your creative enough you can create wonders.

You’ll learn to create a elliptical brush and this brush will be used in my next tutorial where you will learn to create bokeh effect in Photoshop. Its all about creation ;)

Step 1:

Open a new transparent document. Once done, select the Ellipse Tool (press U) and draw a circle.


Step 2:

Once done, in Blending Options, change Fill Opacity to 75%. Don’t get confused. Change the Fill Opacity not the Opacity. Follow the screen shot…



Enable Stroke and change the size to 10px, position – inside and color to black. Your almost done with your new brush.

Step 3:

Open Edit and select Define Brush Preset and name your newly created brush. Your new brush has now been saved. Note down the brush number displayed on the left side.


If the Define Brush Presetoption is disabled then do the following. Duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J on your keyboard. Disable the old layer (make it invisible) by clicking on the small eye eye With the new layer selected, now try defining the new brush preset by clicking Edit.

Step 4:

To save a copy of your brush separately, click Edit > Preset Manager and select your brush from the list (remember the brush number?) and click Save set.

If you’ve forgotten your brush number, then keep your cursor on the particular brush to display its name and save it. Your done! :-)

Now you have learnt to create and save your own custom brush. In my next upcoming tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement this particular brush to make something creative. Stick around :-)

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