Tell us the combination of notes that make up $100 [Maths Trivia]

We have always enjoyed playing maths games with users and if you have not been following us we have had a maths trick that guessed your age and also told you about the way it is done. While your at it you may also want to check out few amazing facts about alphabets and numbers or just see how interesting a little bit of mathematics can turn out to be.

Well to not let our new readers away from the excitement here is a new trivia which we want you to solve for this week, answers for it will be posted on Wednesday with special mentions to whoever gets it right, so go ahead rack your brain and tell us how intelligent you are.

The Trivia

A person has $100 ($ is used for representation purpose) in the form of 50 paper currency notes. In the 50 notes the person has, there are no $2 notes at all. We want to know what combination of notes the user has in his pocket that will bring up a total of $100.

Trivia Notes / Tips: Only $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 are accepted as valid currencies. You cannot use $2 notes to create the combination.

Go ahead tell us your combinations, we are looking forward to how intelligent brains work.

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4 thoughts on “Tell us the combination of notes that make up $100 [Maths Trivia]”

  1. Yep. Start with 50x$1, but that’s used the 50 notes already. Ok, go down by 10 $1 notes & start filling up with $5 notes. Get to 8 of those & you have 40x$1 & 8x$5 = $60. Another 2 notes for the remaining $40? Easy.

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