Xbox 360 Elite All Set To Replace Xbox 360 Pro

The recession has hit the game console industry hard. The gaming console companies have not been coming up with good sales figure recently, though still the cheapest gaming console, Wii leads the sales chart. Rumours are floating that Microsoft is all set to replace Xbox 360 Pro with the Xbox 360 Elite with the help of a price cut. The attached picture (Source: Dailytech) with this post shows the price tag of the Elite version to be 299.99$. 11838_large_504x_300pro

Microsoft may be cutting prices of its console, but Sony is not at all interested in doing so. Though again there have been rumours that Sony may launch a “Slim” PS3 on August 18 along with a price cut announcement, but till now nothing has happened. Even Microsoft has not confirmed anything, so readers should take this post with a pinch of salt.

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