Wine 1.1.29 Released with New Features

Wine 1.1.29 is out and it has brought a huge load of new features along with it. For those who are not too sure about what Wine is, I recommend you read this first : Wine – What you need to know. For those who do not wish to read it, Wine is an application which lets you run the windows API libraries on Linux, basically allowing most general purpose Windows applications to run inside of Linux in the Wine environment.

Wine recently got it’s new development release out. With Wine 1.1.29, we have:

  • Improved Gecko integration, by using ¬†Wine’s network layers.
  • Use of external libmpg123 for mp3 decoding.
  • Better handling of Internet proxy settings.
  • Better support for jpeg and png formats.
  • Fixes on some game installers not working with Wine.
  • Fixes on the UI, showing wrong buttons and poor layout at places.
  • Fixed 64 bit Wine installer.

With all these fixes and improvements, Wine is surely on a define path to improvement. This brings good news to many other projects which are completely built on Wine, like Cedega from Trans Gaming which although commercial, uses Wine for it’s base to run windows games on Linux with full graphics support.

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