Windows 7: Ten Awesome Win Key Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Windows Seven HotkeysWindows Seven features tons of hotkeys. Some new and some old. If you wish you can go through the full list available over here. Here are our favourite hotkeys which utilise the Win Key.

  1. Display Projection : If you are tired of messing around with your Display Driver utility to simply get your laptop working with a projector, then you would be relieved to know that Windows Seven has an inbuilt Projection utility. Press Win+P and choose the kind of display setup you want (projector only, laptop only and both projector and laptop.
  2. Windows Mobility Center : The Windows Mobility Center puts all commonly used Notebook (laptop) settings in a single convenient location. The Mobility Center allows you to change brightness, adjust volume levels, switch power plans, setup additional displays and projectors, setup Sync Center and toggle Wi-Fi. You can trigger the Mobility Center by pressing Win+X.
  3. Taskbar Navigation: Pressing Win+T switches the focus to the taskbar and allows you to use the Arrow Keys (Left and Right) to cycle through active windows.
  4. Application Launcher : Windows Seven allows you to pin applications anywhere on the taskbar. You can launch new instances of the first five applications by pressing Win+1-5.
  5. Aero Snap : One of our favourite new feature in Windows Seven in Aero Snap. Simply drag any window to the edges and it will automatically get resized and dock to that edge. You can achieve the same thing using Win+Left Arrow (dock to the left edge) and Win+Right Arrow
  6. Maximise, Minimise and Restore : Win+Up maximises the active window while Win+Down minimises or restores the active window.
  7. Zoom In and Zoom Out : Pressing Win++ and Win+- launches the Magnifier and increases or decreases magnification levels.
  8. Minimise All Background Windows : Aero Shake is another feature which is new to Windows Seven. Unfortunately triggering it involves vigorously shaking an window. A simpler option is to use Win+Home to minimise all background windows.
  9. Aero Peek : Aero Peek allows you to get a quick look at your desktop (including any installed gadgets) without minimising any window. You can trigger this feature using the keyboard by pressing Win+Space.
  10. Device Manager : Press Win+Pause to directly launch the Device Manager. This shortcut has been present in Windows for ages, but is still incredibly useful.

Do you use hotkeys? If so which hotkeys do you use most frequently? Don’t forget to share your opinion via the comments box.

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