Where Does Google Chrome Install Itself?

The first thing we thought about doing, while we were trying to run Java applets in Google Chrome was to drop the Safaris Java plugin into Google Chrome folder.

The problem we saw was that Google Chrome does not install itself into the default application directory Program Files, so we checked the properties of the exe file and found the location to be in the default user folder.

Where Does Google Chrome Install Itself?

In Windows XP Google Chrome will be installed in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\ directory. In Windows Vista Google Chrome will be installed in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\ directory.

Replace C: with the drive windows is installed in and UserName with the windows users you installed chrome with. We are not sure why they install in the Local App Data folder, and they do not provide any way to change the settings, while you are installing the software. You can easily uninstall Google Chrome through the control panel.

41 thoughts on “Where Does Google Chrome Install Itself?”

  1. The reason why Google chose the Appdata(In Vista, that is) is because all users can install it, as installing it in Program Files will require administrative rights. What Google has done is sacrifice some location disadvantages and gained some popularity for kids whose computers are monitored by their parents. Like me.

  2. Please help me, I have problem running Google Chrome. Is the Java Applets/java required to run Google Chrome? Coz when I open chrome, it shows nothing even on task manager. I uninstalled then installed again still no work. What will I do guys?

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