What is Wlloginproxy.exe. How To Remove It? [Reader Query]

A question we received as a , Joylyn asks us about a exe file that she though is suspect and a virus, in the query she asks us.

Hi Techie Buzz,

I see a Wlloginproxy.exe running on my PC. I am not sure what this is or how it was installed on my system, I have a virus scanner installed on my PC. This virus scanner is called Mcafee and was installed by my ISP.

Is this exe a virus, if so how do I get rid of it? Please help.



Hi Joylyn, you have nothing to be afraid of, the Wlloginproxy.exe is not a virus and neither is it a threat to your PC, this executable is part of the Windows Live suite and if you have recently installed softwares such as Windows Live messenger, Windows Live photo gallery and so on.

The Wlloginproxy.exe is basically a Login helper and sign-in assistant for Windows Live Messenger, the file in question can be found is C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Live folder, replace C with whichever drive you have installed Windows in.

Rest assured this executable is not a threat and you can continue using your PC without having to worry about it. However this program is not really useful and you can uninstall this software from your add/remove program menu, try and look for Windows Live Sign-in Assistant in the add/remove program options as shown in the screenshot below.


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