Unblock and Access YouTube From China

Many Governments usually block services like for a short period of time, many users have to go through unwanted censorship which can be avoided. A recent example of this censorship is the blocking of YouTube access in China.

However there are several alternatives to unblock or access the blocked websites by  bypassing the ban, one of them includes using proxy servers to access blocked sites.

There are several other solutions to unblock websites, one of them is FreedomStick [via] which includes the Tor browser, which we had told you about recently as a project that allows users to browse internet anonymously.

There are other options available including proxy servers like KProxy and vTunnel that act as a proxy server without the need to make any changes to your browser settings.

We are very sure that there may be many other alternatives to access blocked websites, we would like to hear about them from you, tell us which services or tools you use to access blocked websites, it would definitely help the rest of the readers.

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  • Chris

    There’s also freedur.com

  • Jman

    Vtunnel doesn’t work for youTube videos. You can get onto the youtube site but when you click on a video, it says you need to download a newer flash player or something like that.

  • Flaz

    Freegate works perfectly and it’s free in mainland china.

    • jenny

      it is blocked now, any other free ones? i use paid ones, 12vpn.com, very good, just wondering if there is free ones still available;)

      • goagent works pretty good at earlier, but now it’s also stop working..

  • 123456

    Freegate has stopped working. Vtunnel doesn't work for youtube. All the other options I know need to be paid for; any other ideas?

    • 123456

      Vtunnel is working again! Turn off the 'remove scripts' option and it works fine for youtube in China.

  • Don

    I used highspeedvpn.com for a couple of months when I worked in Beijing, unblocked pretty much everything including YouTube.

    I`d stay away from free proxies, that`s just a quick way to get your comp infected…

  • pavani

    hey guys vtunnel is blocked.it will open and ask u to type the code it has shown. after that it will show no video found when u click to watch any video. it does the same after u turn off ” remove scripts “. please tell me some proxy which will work in china

  • Rod

    I use 12vpn because its cheap (lite service). I’m testing strongvpn now. It loads sites at about the same speed, but videos are a bit faster. It is noticebly more expensive though at 75 bucks a year (also lite service) vs 30 bucks with 12vpn. Guess it depends what you’re looking for.

  • mike

    i just use tubemirror its free and lets you download as well if you register

  • debbie

    i have managed to access facebook in china by just going to google and type CHINOXY.COM. it does’t require any download or installation…hope that it will help others

  • my facebook is not log in

  • Angie

    I use http://www.highspeedvpn.com/ for YouTube and Facebook when in China. It`s pretty fast and the video streams well.

  • I have used this VPN service http://vpnprivacy.com/best-vpn-for-china.html to bypass these idiotic restrictions. Recommended by me :) LoL