Twitter Hacker Teaches Us A Big Lesson

If you have not heard yet, the internal accounts at was hacked through a employees account and much of the private data that is definitely not for public eyes was exposed to the world.

Though twitter has already written a blog post about it, to explain that Google Apps was not in fact responsible for the lapse, it brings in a bigger question, how secure are our identities and how secure corporate culture is.

It is baffling that hacking of one account could lead to such a big lapse and yes we all are vulnerable to the same attacks, however we are not as famous as twitter and of course we all are all susceptible to some lessons here.

The first lesson is no matter what your corporate uses in the backend, one loose end can screw up the entire system, even if one of your employees uses a bad or easy password, your whole system could come down.

The second lesson is that, no matter how good email is, it is definitely not a place to store your confidential information, it is a very very bad idea.

The third lesson is that even if you are sharing confidential information over emails, make sure it is distributed, in the sense that do not share everything over email.

However as we conclude most email systems are pretty safe, the problem arises if users are lazy and use common or passwords that are easily crackable.

Phishing attacks are another way to crack passwords, so security has to be maintained by everyone around, not just the victim.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Hacker Teaches Us A Big Lesson”

  1. Oh Twitter Twitter Twitter… when is the next projected security breach? I think we should have contests predicting a time and date of when another hack goes through Twitter’s rubbish defences.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Keith. We should always kept in mind, “Internet world is as dangerous as the real world is”. Keep your common sense and defense up all the time…

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