Things Not To Do With Twitter

is amazing. Twitter gives you the best news instantly. There are over 90 million search results for the term Does God Twitter? All said and done Twitter is really getting very popular very fast and is growing tremendously.

But what are Twitter etiquettes? There are none officially, but thanks to PC World, we now have a list of things to avoid with twitter.

Don't Drink and Tweet

The list includes several guidelines including how not to keep twittering Good Morning Twitterverse, avoid twittering while you are drunk, avoiding tweeting of live TV shows among other things.

So go ahead and improve your twitter etiquette ,visit Top 13 Twitter Don’ts by PC World. Oh and if you are on twitter don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza and our friendly updater bot @techiebuzzer to get regular updates to your twitter account.

One thought on “Things Not To Do With Twitter”

  1. When you start hearing people talk about it for 30 minutes on a news show about what they last tweeted about it really goes to show how addictive it can be for some people. I check mine about once a week, if that. I am probably missing out on some of the benefits, but I really don’t feel the need to keep people updated of what I am doing and what I found constantly – nor do I really care what THEY’RE up to all the time either :) Definitely probably good idea to stay off it if you’re drunk though…lol.

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