Translate PDF Files and Office Documents

The Google Operating System blog reports that a new features has been added to Google Translate which will allow users to translate Files and Office Documents (Microsoft Word etc) using the translation engine.

Definitely useful if you have downloaded a PDF file or a office document that is in a language you do not understand.

However there is no option to upload the PDF files and documents and you will need to provide a web URL of the document you want to translate.

So the next time you want to translate a PDF or Word document, head to Google Translate and get it done in few seconds.

Translate PDF Files and Office Documents [via Google Operating System]

4 thoughts on “Translate PDF Files and Office Documents”

  1. My Comment For Google Translate “that translate PDF”the conversion is really help me to be more time effective not to download the PDF file myself and then Translate it afterward.However,I am quite Not confident with there translations result.Most of the translation make me laugh.yes it is help me.but it still need “additional relevance what actually the content means is,and what the translation result says

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