Tips For Increasing Your Dial-Up Connection Speed While Browsing

Many in India still use dial-up connections for surfing the internet. The reasons for this may be it’s cheaper rate or less usage of internet and many others. I was using dial-up connections about 9 months back and it really pissed me of while surfing on a dial-up connection. In this post, I have listed a few tips that you can adopt if you are using a dial-up connection.

Block Images From Sites

A single image is better than thousand words – but when it comes to dial-up you would be better to stick to words or you will have to wait for thousands of hours to load an image! You can block images getting loaded by changing your browser settings.

If you are a Firefox user, go to > Tools> >Page Info>> Permissions>> Load Images>> Uncheck “Use Default”>>Select “Block”.

You could block images in a similar way in Google Chrome and Opera.

Increasing Browser Cache Size

This can be a super awesome way to increase your connection speed! Let me explain you how this can help. When you visit any website, your computer stores some information from the website as cache memory. The more space you give for cache, the more it will store, and your internet surfing will become much speedier! You could check this article out for more information on how to do this.

Saving Frequently Visited Or Important Webpages

This is another trick that could be helpful in making you more productive while surfing. We visit many sites regularly (for example Gmail, Facebook etc). Saving those webpages offine, so that you don’t have to use your precious bandwidth every time could be a nice way of speeding up your internet connection.

Small Tip: Instead of visiting Gmail, Yahoo! to check your mail every time, you could use Outlook or any other offline email client. So, this will save you some bandwidth.

Reduce Using Multiple Tabs

Now, that we have a facility to use multiple tabs, we fill our browsers with too many tabs. But, this would make your internet surfing slow on a dial-up connection. The more tabs you open, more is the bandwidth consumption. It would be better to use a single tab or at the maximum 2-3 tabs at a time. More than that and you would have to wait hours before it gets loaded!

It would be better to get one webpage loaded faster, than to wait for 100 webpages getting loaded slower.

Using Basic Modes In Networking Sites

This tip would help you a lot if you use social networking sites. Many popular social networking sites always provide you two modes/versions. One a lighter one and the other a richer one. Like Orkut – Low bandwidth mode and Orkut-Normal mode, Facebook and Facebook Lite or Zapak or Zapak Lite and so on. So, always stick with the versions that use less bandwidth so that you can experience better speed.

Using Opera Turbo

Opera has a good feature for slow internet connections – Opera Turbo. This uses a unique compression technology while loading a webpage. You could check out more on this concept here.

These are some tips, I have used while on a dial-up connection. Please add your own tips to this post by using the comment section below.

You could also leave tips by mailing them to tips here: [email protected]

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  • Really awesome tip. Opera Turbo is unbelievably effective on slow speed internet connections. Opera is basically providing an amazing premium service for free. Before Turbo users had to pay for software like Onspeed (

    • Thanks Pallab! I really love Opera… I was using Opera only, while I was on dial-up connections.. It was my darling!

  • I've tried Opera 10. Liked Turbo, but was somewhat frustrated when it continuously refused to work offline like earlier versions. So, I reverted to Opera 9.

    Unlike earlier versions, Opera 10 does not load pages that were open in an earlier session. Instead it tries to get them fresh from the Net again. If no connection is available, it shows the "Error! Could not locate remote server" error message.

    Even when I set it (under History in Preferences) to *never* "check if the cached page is updated on the server" and have a rather large disk cache, it still behaves the same.

    After a few attempts to find a solution, I gave up. I've a friend whom I recommended to use Opera. He tried version 10 first and experienced the same.

    Any idea if this has been resolved?

  • Kim Sun

    hello pramodh, I've read this post, this is good,
    but I've a problem when I gaming, the game is stuck when I try to Login, I'd turning off my Automatic Update and Closing All Process whom not used, Can you give me any solution?

  • Hi Pramodh,

    One major thing you are missing in this article which is “AUTOUPDATE”, disable this feature for dialup connection users as it eats lots of bandwidth.


    HI sir i am using idea internet, and my browsing speed is very slow and downloading speed is only 13-14kb/s. so please give me a tips for increasing speed.

    • Raj

      Hey Dude just follow the article ….i am sure you will be benefited & you can speed up your download speed Avg of 22KB/Sec…

      Go to start>>Run>>then type “gpedit.msc” and Enter
      go to Admin.template>>Network>>Qos packet scheduler>>limit reservable bandwidth>>Setting>>Enable And decrease it to 0% from 40%

      Restart your computer and download and install IDm from here {Copy & Download}& try to download song or video from or you tube.You will see that your download speed is 25>30<20<22KB/Sec..Try this

  • abhijith soman

    i have tried most of the browsers and i feel google chrome is the fastest among them and the beta update is releasing continously on the site “”

  • abhijith soman

    i dont know which download manager gives you the maximum speed
    i have tried dap and flashget in flashget you would get 22-28kb/s and dap works only on some sites which has more servers hosted so if you are downloading from popular site dap is the better option

  • vikram singh

    thanks, my dear

  • Dayton

    Thanks for the info! my dial up averages 24.6 kb. At this rate it takes google a good while to load, then the “internet explorer cannot display web page” shows up again, so I have to do this all over. Good to know other people are in this situation. I will definatly try some of these! once again thank you.

  • mahendra

    hellp, sir i am using data docomo service for internet connection but it gives very slow speed with dialup conncetion …..give me some trick for increase my internet speed .,.,,,.