Things To Do before throwing away your Old PC

Getting a new PC is always a exciting thing and I have been through it twice in the period of last one month. I created a new desktop for my home with all the latest hardware and also got myself a new laptop.

The excitement is euphoric but many a times people make mistakes of giving away their old PC’s without properly cleaning it up. Simply deleting files from your system does not ensure that you have cleaned it up. Any files you may have deleted can be easily recovered once someone else gets their hands on the hard drive.

There are also chances that you may miss out copying some important information or emails. This article will go into the details of how to ensure a smooth, safe and loss-less transfer of data from before you give up your old PC away.

Backup Backup and More Backups

Backup Your Files

One of the most fundamental things to do before giving away an old PC is to create backups of the files existing on your system. You can use a external hard drive or a flash drive to move the files around to your new system.

While backing up files remember to backup files from your Documents folder and also the Desktop folder which is usually overlooked by many.

Backup Your Internet Profile

Backing up your Internet profiles is also one of the most important things to do. You may have loads of bookmarks on your PC which may have been collected over a period of time.

Most of the Internet browsers allow you to easily export your bookmarks and other settings. If you are a Firefox user and would hate to download all those extensions or run those tweaks again there is a great addon called Tips and Tricks,Old PC,Clean up PC