Switch To Chrome Incognito Mode and Vice Versa With a Single Click

The Incognito mode in Google Chrome is a great option for browsing websites privately and prevent your browser from recording all your information. However, launching Chrome in the Incognito mode takes a couple of steps and requires you to open a new browsing window and then go to the desired website.

IncognitoSwitcher is a Google Chrome extension that makes switching to the Incognito mode easier.  Once you install the extension, an incognito icon is added next to your address bar. Now, whenever you want to switch to the incognito mode, click on that icon and it will switch the mode without opening a new window. This way the browser mode is switched without interrupting your browsing experience. Whenever you want to switch back to normal mode, just click the icon once again.

Double clicking the icon would switch the whole window to incognito mode. You can also set keyboard shortcuts and switch between the two modes with a single key stroke. By default, Ctrl +i functions same as a single click and Ctrl + Alt acts as the double click.

Download IncognitoSwitcher from here.

[Via Ghacks]

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