SweetCron | An Open Source, Social Blogging Tool

What is SweetCron

SweetCron, is a self-hosted automated life-streaming CMS / Blogging tool, which creates blog posts in an instant drawing content from your activities on various social sites like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr etc. You just have to add the feeds from these sites, do some customization and your posts are automatically created by SweetCron.

Why it is Great

Recently there have been few other applications something similar to it like Socialthing and FriendFeed, which also allow you to organize your lifestream, but they were closed source in nature. You have to share your data with them, and they had the control.

But not with SweetCron.

SweetCron is open source. You can download the complete package and host it at our own servers, thus giving you full control over your content. Since it is open source, you can experiment various things with it to customize it as per your wishes.

Cool, what are the features

Easy Customization: There are a few themes for you to choose. Play with them. And since it is open source, I foresee a few other themes developed soon.

Self Hosted: Paying a few bucks every month to maintain your own domain, is a small price to “OWN” your digital world. It allows you to host your files on your own server. You are the BOSS.

100% Free and Open Source: Yes it is FREE, and it is open source, like many other good things in life.

What is not so cool

You have to host it on your own server and do some basic database / file modification.   Just because of that some may find it hard to use. It is definitely not a one-click job like many other Web 2.0 applications.

How does it look like

Following is a screenshot of the website of its founder Yong Fook using SweetCron.

Download Link to SweetCron

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