Suspend Memory Hogging Tasks Instead of Killing Them

Many a times you may see a application using high amounts of memory or hogging most of the processing power of your CPU. At such times other applications may work extremely slow or completely stop working.

This is a extremely problematic situation since you are tied down till the application releases the memory or CPU usage for other tasks to perform. The best solution has always been hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del and killing the memory hogging application.

I was a follower of the Ctrl + Alt + Del method for quite long until I started using Process Explorer a great tool for knowing what’s going on your system and a must have task manager replacement. With process explorer you get to know in depth knowledge about each and every process.

Getting back to memory hogging applications, there are times when the application that is eating up all the memory and CPU resources may contain some important information that you may not have saved or may contain different browser tabs which may not have been book marked. In such cases you may lose important data by forcefully terminating the application.

Using Process Explorer you can easily free up the memory and CPU resources being used by any application so that other applications are allowed to perform their tasks. Once you have lesser applications running or are leaving the CPU idle for some time you can resume the application that was suspended and allow it to process.

To follow this simple trick you may need to do the following things

Download Process Explorer

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