Speedup Your Computer By Deleting Temporary Files

A computer can only run as fast as you let it run, and to do that you may apply several visual tweaks with the help of tweaking softwares that supposedly allow your computer to run faster, but the most overlooked fact is that, having a clogged out disk can definitely cause your computer to run slower.

To put things into perspective, let us give you a real life example. In your day to day life, given the fact that your work desk consists of several things which need attention or take up space, would you be able to perform better? As opposed to having a clean desk with minimal distractions?

Space is Constrained

You may watch tons of movies online, delete numerous amounts of files, visit 100s of sites or install tons of updates for your OS. All of these activities live in a temporary space which is constrained either by default, or from user interaction. Imagine cramping 10 people into 1 Bed apartment, you will have curtail your moving space, just because you are over burdening a space meant for 2 people.

In the same way every temporary file adds up to a space which is limited, and if you do not clean up regularly, you will end up with your OS having to cramp those files into a already limited space. And your OS will considerably slow down if   you do not clean those files regularly. We are referring to the broader term OS because this problem can happen on either Windows or Linux based system.

Cleaning Up Regularly

The best way to have a system run faster would be to clean it up regularly, and the system could also be expanded to softwares who consume large data in general. For example Microsoft Outlook considerably slows down after it reaches a certain limit of storage space, deleting junk emails or cleaning up deleted emails regains space and gives it a breathing space, of course you should also regularly archive files to give it breathing space.

For OS in general, having a cleanup tool is a must, rather than having to cleanup and delete each and every software you use, we highly recommend using CCleaner which is the best one of its lot and supports cleaning up of temp files generated by Windows, as well as those generated by popular softwares such as Firefox, Opera, Safari and more. CCleaner is absolutely free and was also included in our earlier post where we discussed 35+ amazing and free softwares.

Cleaning up your PC once a week, will give it more breathing space, with something as easy as CCleaner it just takes a few clicks.

Download CCleaner

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