Speed up Windows startup by delaying less important startup programs

The programs that get executed every time you boot up your computer (called startup entries) affects the speed of the startup process very badly. This situation could be managed by disabling unwanted programs and selectively enabling startup programs using any   startup manager. Here is a tip to speed up the startup even more by delaying the needed-but-less important startup programs using a very good freeware security tool for Windows, WinPatrol.

Once installed, WinPatrol will run in the background and will alert you if any change is made to the system settings, there by, preventing malwares from getting installed. What we are going to use now, is the ‘Delayed Startup’ feature of Winpatrol.

How To

  • Launch WinPatrol
  • In the “Startup Programs” tab, right click the program you want to delay and select “move to delayed start”
  • Switch to the “Delayed start” tab and you’ll find the program you just delayed in the list there.
    By default, the delay value is 30 seconds, but you can set it to a maximum of 1 hour, by right-clicking the program in the list and selecting the ‘Delay start options’.

Usage Tips

  • This method could be used to delay helper/tray agents like iTunes helper, PC suite helpers of phone softwares etc.
  • DO NOT delay programs/processes related to your display, sound card, touch pad and anti-virus/firewall
  • You may weigh programs of their importance to you and then set custom delay timings so that multiple programs won’t be executed simultaneously, saving up the total system performance .