How to Share Network Files with CopyShell

I have a nice list of free applications that save me tons of time while I’m at work. Here is one of my favorites.

At my office, we have millions of files across a network of hundreds of PCs and servers. When I need to email someone the locations (paths) of some of those files, I’ve found that the best way to do that is to use Neil Wightman’s CopyShell extension.

CopyShell allows you to right click on any file, folder or shortcut and grab the full path to it. The path is copied into the Windows Clipboard and you only have to paste it into your email or document to show others where to look for the files. Users of Windows Vista or Windows 7 will already have this feature available in the Shift+Right Click menu when they select files.

In the case where you are right clicking on a shortcut, CopyShell grabs the path to the “target” of the shortcut. When you have multiple files selected before you right click, CopyShell allows you to “Copy All Paths” at the same time.

I’ve also used CopyShell to create M3U playlists for my MP3 players. To do that, simply select a bunch of MP3 files, then right click and “Copy All Paths”. Now open up Notepad or some other text editor and paste all those paths into it. If you save the file with a .M3U extension, most media players will recognize it as a playlist.

Have fun with CopyShell, and be sure to comment below if you have a problem or a different solution.

CopyShell home pageC++ source code for CopyShell

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