Save Time While Downloading Images and Files in Firefox [Productivity Tips]

Having used Firefox for quite some time, I am very used to using extensions that help me save time and add value to the already popular browser. Here is a productivity tip from my day-to-day life which has helped me save quite a lot of time while I download images and files using Firefox.

The Problem

By Default does not have a option to save images and files in multiple folders, so after downloading I had to manually segregate the files and store them in separate folders based on their uses.

Or in other cases I would have to browse to the proper folders before I could save the image or file.

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For example, wallpapers needed to go into the wallpaper folder, icons in icon folder and so on, this was definitely a waste of time and I was looking for a simple way to segregate images and downloads without losing much time.

The Solution


Firefox has some good extensions that will help you store the images and files into customized folders without you having to do it manually. The Save File To extension allows you to easily create customized folders for storing images, files and entire webpages making it more easier to segregate downloads.


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Once you have installed the you can customize and add the folder that should be shown when you are trying to save images, files or webpages.

So start using the Save File To extension and save yourself some time whilst you increase your productivity.

Download Save File To Firefox Extension

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