Save a Extra Click While Pasting URLs in Google Chrome

It’s been Google Chrome overload from us for the past two days, but we really summed everything up with Ultimate list of tips and tricks for Google Chrome, there are few things which have not been spoken about and we will try and pop-up in between with tips, the rest and best tips will automatically be included in the ultimate list.

The default behavior for browsers while opening a new URL from text in the Clipboard would be to paste the text and then click on the Go button or hit enter.

With Google Chrome you can avoid a extra click or enter by using the Paste and Gofeature which allows you to paste a URL and immediately load it without having to click anything.


To make use of this feature, simply copy the URL you want to open and right click on the address bar in Google Chrome, instead of clicking on the paste option click on Paste and Go.

The same feature is available in Opera too.

18 thoughts on “Save a Extra Click While Pasting URLs in Google Chrome”

  1. Maggie …. That is not an ‘innovation’ by Google…..As Keith has mentioned, Opera has this feature for the last 3-4 years !!….

    Opera is without doubt the best browser around….. FF 2.0 dosent stand close …. but FF 3.0 seems to be catching up to Opera …..

  2. Wow what a great feature. I am always copy and pasting links into the URL space and I never new about “paste and go.” Thank you very much for the tips, keep em coming :)

  3. Hello, whats the innovation here? You exchange targeting address bar, click+enter against targeting address bar, click, target menu item, click. Its even longer. Except maybe if you have to use Windows.

    Chrome should copy the paste-url feature that firefox has since years. Just paste the url into the main window. On Unix, thats one click and all you need to take care of is to not accidentially hit a link of an already loaded webpage. If the page is full or I want a new tab, I move the mouse into the window(autofocus), hit ctrl-t to open a tab and press 3rd mouse button to paste+load the page.

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