Recover Data From Dead Laptop’s Hard Drive

Quite recently my laptop stopped working altogether. The laptop would boot but I could not see anything, the whole screen turned blank. I tried every trick in the book, but could not get it to work.

Now the only options I had were:

  1. Get a new laptop
  2. Send the laptop to an authorized service center for repairs

Both these were fine, but I still had important data in my laptop, most of which was backed up, however some of it was more recent and was not backed up.


Now, I am bit paranoid about sending my laptop with a hard drive filled with important and sensitive data to a service center, and since the laptop did not display anything I could not even get it on a network. So how did I manage to recover data from the laptop? Keep reading to know more.

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Nice post dude. Very helpful

  • joshila

    I have a laptop I would like to use the laptop hard drive on my Desktop, do I have to mount the hard drive or can it just sit there?

  • Lisa M

    Thanks so much for your post, v. helpful! Just wondering about this bit though, I’m a bit of a computer novice and not sure exactly what you mean:

    “Don’t forget to format your drive before you use it as an external drive.”

    • adzz

      To format is to mean to erase everything off the hard disk so that you can put new files on the dedicated drive. theres a way on formatting u can go to “My Computer” then right click on the new drive the pc found, then click format and there you have it :)

  • Thank You for sharing such informative article on Laptop Hard Drive Recovery As majority of my office work is done on lappy itself, so this is going to be very useful for me.