Quickly Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows Vista [How To]
By on July 15th, 2008

The icon size in Windows Vista is quite large by default and it is quite a pain to go to personalize and then change the icon size.

Here is a quick tip for those you use Windows Vista and have a mouse with a scrolling wheel.

To change the icon size of the desktop icons, click the Ctrl key while you are viewing the desktop and scroll your wheel upwards or downwards to change the icon size to your satisfaction. That’s it, its as easy as a click and a scroll.

Watch a Techie Buzz production to see how you can easily change desktop icon size in Windows Vista.


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  • http://www.nirmaltv.com Nirmal

    This is applicable to other applications as well, like IE, Firefox, MS word etc.

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  • Gilly_da_gr8

    Yes, this is applcable to Windows 7 as well.

  • http://artde.co.ua Sergey

    Really cool tip. Thanks

  • Hawk

    Thanks heaps! I’ve always wondered how to do this.

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  • joe

    Helpful, thanks

  • Mike O.

    My icons are huge on my monitor

    screen. I do not have a mouse with a

    scrolling wheel,(I have a notebook or

    laptop). My 3 yr old nephew did some-

    thing to change them.

    • http://keithdsouza.com Keith Dsouza

      @Mike – You will have to visit the Control Panel and Display settings to change the icon size

      • maxicube

        you can scroll with the right side of the trackpad (like the end cm)

  • steph

    thank you! u saved my life! i thought i messed up my boss's desktop! so i tried so many dif. things but nothing worked but you made all things so simple!! thank u thank u thank uuu!!

  • boyd

    Thanks a lot..big help:-)

  • Dogfather

    Icons on desktop are huge and some are normal size desktop settings do nothing

  • william

    video very uninformative … at least here on techie-buzz where you can’t pause it at the end …

  • nandyou


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