Protect Your Important and Personal Data

Why to protect data?

These days most companies, large or small, store their data in computers and laptops. Maintaining paper files is not only cumbersome but also outdated. Some experienced computer users often take a backup of their important data to ensure that their data is safe in case of any untoward incident or unauthorized access. Storing confidential data on local network can cost your business a lot especially if it is accessed by an outsider or an unfaithful employee. Data security involves protecting the data by taking regular back-ups, providing restricted access and ensuring that an anti-virus program is in place.

How to protect important data?

1. Rename files: Rename the files and folders so that anyone who accesses it won’t get any clue as to what is contained inside just by reading the folder name. You can also move important file to deeper folders. One precaution that you must take here is to remember the location of the file because if you yourself forget where your files are, the whole purpose will be lost.

2. Encrypt files: Encryption is now becoming a popular way to protect data. Encryption transforms readable files into unreadable cipher and only after you provide a decryption key, you can access the data. You must always keep sensitive data encrypted to enhance security. Encryption also protects your files from Malware.

3. Disguise files: You can disguise files by changing its icon. This way no one will come to know what format it is or what is inside them. For example, you can disguise your important folder as Recycle Bin and the files as a picture.

4. Lock files: You can easily lock the files or folders by specifying a password. This way only you or anyone who knows the password will be able to access them.

5. Hide files: This is another smart move to protect confidential data getting into wrong hands. Hiding files is pretty easy. You can check the Help to know how it is done.

6. Put files in a encrypted virtual disk: Many software programs are available these days to help you create encrypted virtual disk where you can store all your sensitive data to avoid unauthorized access. You can easily dump all your important files and folders in this virtual disk. To an outsider, the encrypted virtual disk will appear only as something junk. You can also put the file in an encrypted dummy disk that needs a password to open it.

Pros & Cons of Different Methods of Data Protection

methods Protect local data Protect the data of removable medium(USB flash drive and CD) Speed of encrypting and decrypting Does the safe mode work? Does the protection of Dos mode work? if it is no copy? If it is no rename If it is no delete Estimate security of the whole
rename files support support Very high Yes No No No No Bad
Encrypt files support support Very low Yes Yes No No No Fine
disguise files support support High Yes Yes No No No Fine
Lock files support Not support Very high Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good
Hide files support Not support Very high Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good
Put files in a encrypted virtual disk support support Low Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Very good

What’s the best way to protect data?

This is a complicated question because every user has a different data security need. For example, some users have low security needs as their data is not highly sensitive whereas some users don’t mind buying an expensive data security software as they just cannot afford to lose the data. Let’s take a look at some common scenarios where a person would need data protection solution.

1) Free data protection software: The software for data protecting is mostly based on the principle of renaming files. It can not only protect local data but also store data in USB flash drive. You can choose it if you don’t have high data security needs.

2) Need to protect local data: You must use a software for locking files and folders, which based on the principle of protecting system for cored data. You can even hide data, to prevent unauthorized access and preventing modification, copying, and deletion of data. Such software programs can protect the data in a more secure way. One such program that is recommended is QIQI Folder Lock, which is safe, simple, useful, and costs only $24. You can download it right now.

3) Protect the data in USB: If USB is what you prefer, then you must choose a virtual disk software; actually software for encrypting data is also fine, but it takes long to encrypt and decrypt.

4) Protect the data on CD: If you want to save the data on a CD, a virtual disk software or software for encrypting is advisable. A virtual disk software helps in protecting data on CD and is convenient and safe. QIQI CD DVD Bit Locker (coming) is encrypted software for carving but has other specialty. It’s simple and useful when it’s being carved means being encrypted. And what’s most amazing is that it looks like an empty disk after carving is done. That’s why it offers high security.

In a word, you can choose the  appropriate software to protect your data according to the importance of the data and the way you like to  save the data. 

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