Protect Your Email Address With Tinymail
By on August 28th, 2008

Protecting email address has become quite a issue for users, thank God we use Gmail which catches most of the spam (99.9%) and lets us concentrate on what’s meant to be read.

Other than using Gmail, there are 100′s of ways to protect your email address from spammers, few of which include using a temporary email address, using JavaScript to scramble the email address, using images in place of text and another common way where users type in dot in lieu of .and at in lieu of @.


All of these tricks are widely used and pretty successful at thwarting email spammers. Tinymail brings a new (though not unique) way to protect your email address from spammers when you use it on forums (favorite place for spammers to find your email), Internet classifieds, Craigslist etc.

When you provide Tinyemail with your email address, it will supply you with code to post on forums and other places, that will only display part of the email address, and sports a link which leads to the tinyemail page. If someone wants to view your email, they will have to enter re-captcha code, before they are shown your actual email address.


Though this concept looks good, it is definitely not unique, this implementation can be seen in Google Groups, where email address for users are only shown after entering a captcha code.


But bringing it to general users is definitely a good thing to happen, overall looks like a good service for users who only want to distribute their emails in a secure way.


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