Popular Web2.0 Releases for 03/29/08

Here are the popular web2.0 releases that will keep you bust till the next time, have fun.


One of the interesting web2.0 service I saw was Doof which provides users a true Web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. You can play games and connect with other users using this new entrant into the social gaming networking platform.

doof – Addictive gaming, social networking

PhotoShop Express

Don’t want to use heavy desktop photo editing softwares or have not yet read about the handy online photo editing websites we have converted, then you should definitely try out Photoshop Express which is a scaled down version of the popular image editing software Photoshop. With this new web2.0 service you can now edit and store photos online for free.

Adobe PhotoShop Express


Games can start having more fun now with another social networking website dedicated to them. The site is built for gamers by gamers for gamers. Users earn money by viewing and interacting with user friends, videos, pics, rich media, game trailers, game reviews and previews, blogs, polls, clans, and tags in the form of Pwned Points, which may be redeemed for cash, video game consoles, iPods, video games, etc..

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