Popular Web2.0 Releases for 03/27/08

Here comes the next batch of Web2.0 releases that add value towards your computing and mobile experiences.


Movino is a service that allows you to broadcast live videos directly from your cellphone using 3G or Wifi. You can also use Movino to use your phone as a bluetooth webcam on Mac OS X.

Movino – Broadcast live videos from your cellphone


If you have a kid and want them to look at picture books without any fear of them spoiling it looky book is a new service which provides users with picture books just like they would do it normally but with a twist, the books can be viewed on the computer itself cover to cover just like the original book is.

Nice site to bookmark for your kids.

Lookybook – Picture books you can discover, share and talk about


Heysan is a service that brings instant messaging service to your cellphone, you can chat with your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and GTalk networks. The service is completely free and can be use on any network in the world without problems no matter whatever model of phone you are using.

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