Google Reader Secret Feature – Ninja Mode

Even though there are many feed readers, like Feed Demon and the rest, for reading feeds, I use Google Reader always as I love its simple interface. Recently, when I was browsing, I found a cool feature in Google Reader. I tried this out in the reader and enjoyed it a lot. So, I thought of sharing this with you people, in case you do not know.

Go to the Google Reader. Hit the following keys in the below given order only.


You will get a ninja feature in the sidebar of the Google Reader. There is one more interesting and cool feature in this Ninja mode. Check out in this video.

To reverse this to normal, again use the same code given above. Do share your feelings about this cool feature through comments below.

3 Websites to Make International Telephone Calls From Your PC

Earlier we had reviewed Talkety, a web-based telephony service which provides you with cheaper calls from phone to phone using voip from your PC. Here are three more web services that lets you make international telephone calls from your PC.


Using Evaphone you can make free phone calls from your computer to any part of the world. The calls can be made to both landline and mobile numbers and the service is completely free to use. No registration or signup is required to use this service. To get started just visit   evaphone, select the country where you want to call, and dial the phone number.


The downside of using the Free services at evaphone is that sometimes your call may not be processed as the mobile companies may charge the provider for making calls. The service does has some limitations like advertisements, limited duration of the call and the number of calls you can make (depends upon the   location and the telephone service provider).

There are no limitations in the paid service. Your calls are processed instantly. Here is the rate card for making PC to phone calls using evaphone in different countries.


Talkster allows you to make Long distance telephone calls from your PC to almost 30 countries in the world. Using Talkster you can call up to 5 of your international friends for free!


Follow the steps below to make international calls using talkster:

1.   Go to talkster and   enter your name and phone number where you will make the call from. After that enter the name and the phone number of the person you want to call.

2. Talkster will give you and your friend each a local Talkster number that you can use whenever you want to call each other.

3.When you want   to call your friend just use the local talkster number.

You pay only for a local call (if you are charged for local calls by your provider).You can also make conference calls using talkster with up to 5 of your friends. No registration or sign ups are required and there are also no talking limits or other limitations.

3.Globe 7 Desktop application

Globe 7  is a desktop application that can be used to make paid telephone calls from your PC. In addition to that you can watch videos, play games, watch live TV, listen to live radio, send SMS messages and more.

They also have a Mobile version so you can use Globe 7 from   your mobile phone.


To make calls from your PC using globe 7 you need to buy a voucher and credit your account. Here   are the call rates for different countries.

Download Globe 7 (available for Windows,Mac and Linux).

Share Your E-mail Address Securely With reCAPTCHA Mailhide

Google Wave emerged from the shadows earlier today, stirring up the entire interweb in the process. While those fortunate enough to receive a Google Wave invite rejoiced, others resorted to buying them from eBay or begging on twitter and message boards. In the process many bid adieu to even the most basic sensibilities like not sharing e-mail addresses publically.

Publically sharing e-mail addresses on micro-blogs, social networks or message boards is equivalent to welcoming spammers with open arms. It’s ridiculously easy for a bot to harvest e-mail addresses shared in plain text. Even using fake [at] emailid [dot] com instead of [email protected] isn’t very helpful since most bots are intelligent enough to recognise such minor modifications.

Thankfully, there is an easy we out. reCaptcha has a little known service called Mailhide. Mailhide basically allows you to input your email address and instantly generate a sharable hyperlink. When other people click on the link your e-mail id will be shared with them, provided they prove themselves as human by passing reCaptcha’s test.

MailHide by reCaptcha
MailHide by reCaptcha

What’s brilliant about this method is that it is hassle-free for both parties. Sharing as well as receiving an e-mail id is extremely simple and fast. So, if you must share your email address publically use reCaptcha to protect it from spam-bots.

How To Delete System Restore Points In Windows XP And Vista

System Restore helps us to roll back all of the system files, registry keys and installed programs to a previous state in the event of malfunctioning or failure. Whenever you install a program, a system restore point is automatically created which indirectly eats up a lot of disk space. Today I will show you how to delete system restore points and increase your disk space.

To delete system restore points, first you will have to download and install Ccleaner. After that follow the steps shown below:

1) Open Ccleaner.
2) Click on the Tools tab.
3) Now click on System Restore tab.

Delete System Restore Points

4) Delete all the system restore points except the recent one.

Watch this video to learn how you can increase your disk space by deleting system restore points.

Three Really Useful Windows 7 Tips

If you are using Windows 7, you are probably aware of new features like Aero Shake and Aero Peek. However, Windows 7 is also packed with lots of neat stuff which aren’t immediately apparent. Today we will share three simple yet effective tips which will help you use Windows 7 even more efficiently.

1. Pin Folders to Windows Explorer

A little known feature is that you can drag and drop frequently accessed folders on the Windows Explorer icon present in the taskbar. This is the quickest way to Pin a folder to Windows Explorer. Pinned folders show up in the Jump List when you right click on Windows Explorer icon.

Pin Folders to Windows Explorer

2. Use Check Boxes in Windows Explorer

Although check boxes were added in Windows Vista, many people are still not aware of it. Check boxes allow you to quickly select multiple items without having to press the CTRL key. To enable check boxes go to Organize→Folder and Search Options→View and check the “Use check boxes to select items” option.

Use Check Boxes

3. Use Search Connectors

You can search the web even without launching your browser using Windows Search Connectors. Windows 7 supports federated search which allows you to add almost any online search engine to Windows 7. SevenForums contains more than a dozen search providers which should help you in getting started.

Did you find these tips helpful? Don’t forget to let us know. And check out Microsoft Technet if you are looking for some more helpful Windows Seven tips.

Access Google Talk & Google Tasks in Browser Sidebar

I use extensively on a day to day basis for research, regular surfing and more. In addition to that I also make use of Google Talk for communicating with others and Google Tasks for taking important notes.

Also Read: Handy bookmarklets for Webmasters

I came across couple of bookmarklets that will let you access Google Tasks and Google Talk in Google chrome any browser’s sidebar without having to use any additional .


This feature is derived from an earlier bookmarklet that allow you to split screens in Google Chrome.

To get Google Tasks and Google talk as a sidebar in Google Chrome your favorite browser copy the bookmark code below and create a new bookmark in chrome.

Google Talk in Sidebar


Google Tasks in Sidebar


Have fun managing your tasks and chatting with your friends.

[via Chrome Plugins]

Interact With Your Desktop In A 3D Style With BumpTop

Lots of documents, piles of papers, files dumped, a cup of coffee spilled and so on . Yes, I know what all these remind you of… your Office desk, right?

Yes, it’s true that most of us get messy while doing our office work. The result is   that we fall in love with the mess and a clean surrounding looks awful. ;). So for mess lovers, here is an innovative application that helps you to get messy.

Bumptop enables you to experience a completely interactive desktop wherein you can play with your files and folders the way you like. You can scatter your files and return them to piles again with simple mouse gestures. It also enables you to view your desktop at different angles with a drag of the mouse.

This application is too good to explain in words. Watch this video and know yourself how interactive it looks.

Isn’t it great to interact with the desktops like that? Moreover, this is a free software and thus you have no excuses for not trying it.

Here is the link: Bumptop

How To Enable Bookmarks Toolbar Button In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is improving day-by-day. None of the browser has evolved so fast. With recent changes like themes and bookmark sync Google Chrome has raised many eyebrows. Today I will show you how to enable bookmarks toolbar button in Google Chrome.


Follow These Simple Steps

1) Right-click on Google Chrome shortcut.
2) Select Properties.
3) At the end of target box, just add Bookmarks Option

Google Chrome Properties

4) Click on OK.

Now you will be able to see bookmark button in your toolbar situated next to the Google Chrome Omnibar. It works on Google Chrome versions 2.x – 4.x

Bookmarks Toolbar Button

How to Make XP, Vista and Win7 Look Like Classic Windows 2000

Why would you ever want to do that?

Keith just posted an article telling you how to make Windows 7 look like Windows XP. I’m actually dual booting XP and 7 so I don’t miss XP yet. I’d also be the first to tell you that I love the new eye candy in Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, it does come with a price. The window transparency and other visual effects might make an older PC that was designed for XP run just a little sluggish. The same is true on machines that were made to run Windows 95 or 98 but now have Windows XP on them.

Are you on a minimalistic kick?

Sometimes I’m in favor of dropping the eye candy and going back to basics. Maybe there are a few others out there who feel the same way.

Do you need to squeeze every last ounce of power out of your PC?

Some PC gamers would agree that anything you can do to drop Windows system requirements will help you boost your FPS (frames per second) and get you more kills in that favorite game.

Here’s what I’ve done.

The basic procedures are the same for Vista and Win7. In XP you won’t see step B, you’ll just select the Advanced tab.

A. Right click on My Computeror Computerand choose properties.


B. Click on Advanced System Properties


C. Click on the Performance Settings


D. Put your dot in the Adjust for best performance.


E. Click OKall the way home.


Now Compare Win7 and Win2k.

As you can see, the main similarities are the window borders and the Start button.

Windows 7 screenshot


Windows 2000 screenshot


win2k image from

That’s it. All of the features are still there, it’s just got that old Classic look to it. Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a better idea? Please comment below.

How To Access Bing Visual Search Outside US

Microsoft Bing recently launched a unique Visual Search feature which is currently available only to the users living in United States. If you are trying to access Visual Search outside US, then you will get the following error:

Bing Unavailable

Today I will show you how to access Bing Visual Search from any country of the world. Just follow some simple steps shown below:
1) Visit Bing Worldwide.
2) Change your country to United States.

Bing US

3) Save the settings.
4) Now visit Bing Visual Search.

Now you will be able to access Visual Search, even if you are miles away from United States. Browsing through 39 different categories inside Bing Visual Search is really a fun experience. I hope you will enjoy using this unique feature.

Bing Visual Search