How To Access Blogspot Blogs From China?

Looks like there has been a massive ban on millions of Blogspot blogs in China due to reasons mystified, however this is not the first time that the Chinese government have imposed bans, the have been doing it for several other websites in the past.

There have been several ways to access blocked blogs/websites, and the most popular of them has been using a proxy server or making use of websites that provide you with proxy access, without getting noticed.


There are several proxy servers out there, however you might want to stay secure, because data you exchange on these proxy servers might be cached and used against you, or used to rip you off.

The best way to get reliable proxy servers is by visiting Public Proxy Servers a website that regularly tests for the available proxy servers, using this site you can find proxy servers based on several criteria’s including by country, access time and uptime.

Do you know of a better way to access blocked websites? Let us know through your comments.

How To Disable, Block and Remove Ads In Yahoo Messenger?

is a free IM  client, however it shows some ads at the bottom of the messenger window, some of the ads are Ok, however there are certain ads like Find singlesetc, which users would rather not prefer to see.

If you are a Yahoo Messenger user who want to remove ads from the IM window, here are few options which will help you do it.

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Anonymous Web Browsing With JAP

We all know the importance of privacy on internet.Being anonymous and protecting your privacy is not a crime ! What you do behind the privacy is what that matters.

If you’ve been following the news off late, a lot has been happening around the P2P networks, P2P is just one aspect of privacy. The other aspect is history, cache, temporary files data that you may leave behind on your system, which can be misused by some smart folks around you for their benefit.

I’ve always been pro-anonymous web browsing. I’ve always supported the motion to browse the web anonymously. There are a lot of freely available tools that help your surf anonymously and one JAP is one such tool !

JAP or JonDo is a new commercial service launched by the same guys who launched the much popular AN.ON. JAP is a research project aimed at providing an average user like you and me, to gain complete anonymity on the internet while browsing our favorite websites without the fear of being tracked.


Here is a lowdown of how JAP works. All you have to do is download the JAP client for your version of the OS. Install the JAP client and then all your web traffic is redirected through the JAP servers and makes it anonymous. Here’s a pictorial representation of how JAP works:


The Orange computer in the middle represents the JAP server. So your client sends the request to the JAP server and then the server replies to the JAP server. This response is redirected to your computer by the JAP client. The end server will never know about your existence.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite offering from the guys at JAP.


JAP provides specially designed web browser named JonDoFox which is a custom designed Firefox web browser, which is optimized for anonymous web browsing. This is just a reinforced Firefox.

[ Get JonDoFox ]

Enjoy anonymity and as JAP puts it Anonymity is Not a Crime.

Find Older Version Of Popular Programs/Applications

Most of us like to keep all the software on our system up to date. New versions are always exiting – new features, old bugs ironed out; we will be so kicked to try them. But not always, all the updated versions are guaranteed to work. There have been cases when the previous versions of the software would have worked/suited better, while the newer ones simply crash. Also there have been times when some features that we were hooked to will be obsolete in the newer versions.

I had once such experience when I upgraded my iTunes. Some of my favorite feature were missing in the latest version. With iPod and iPhone coming out with new features, the size of the iTunes had increased drastically.

Addition of many unwanted application/software related to managing the iPods and iPhones was the reason for this. Personally, for me these things did not mean anything. All I wanted was simple software that played my MP3 files. I so wished I could get the older version back and that’s when I found OldVersion.   I managed to find all the iTunes software released till date on this website. The best part is that this entire download is FREE OF COST!!


Oldversion has all versions of the most commonly used software that has been released so far. Some popular ones are MSN Messenger 7.5, Bearshare Lite, Yahoo Messsenger 7.0, MSN Messener 8.0, Winamp, Paint.Net.

There is also a facility for users to contribute a particular version of any software that you have on your system and not available at OldVersion.

Note: Some programs have to be completely uninstalled before installing the older version. If you face problem reverting back to older version of any software, do let us know through comments and we’ll try to help you with a possible solution.

[ Visit Oldversion ]

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How TO Unlock PDF Files?

I recently received a file from my friend, I wanted to copy certain part of the PDF and paste it as a note, however I could not copy the text from the PDF file, making me wonder what was wrong with it.

Turned out that the PDF file in question had fonts which were not installed on my system. I searched for a solution, I came across a tool called PDF Crack which allowed users to unlock PDF Files.

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What is Wlloginproxy.exe. How To Remove It? [Reader Query]

A question we received as a , Joylyn asks us about a exe file that she though is suspect and a virus, in the query she asks us.

Hi Techie Buzz,

I see a Wlloginproxy.exe running on my PC. I am not sure what this is or how it was installed on my system, I have a virus scanner installed on my PC. This virus scanner is called Mcafee and was installed by my ISP.

Is this exe a virus, if so how do I get rid of it? Please help.



Hi Joylyn, you have nothing to be afraid of, the Wlloginproxy.exe is not a virus and neither is it a threat to your PC, this executable is part of the Windows Live suite and if you have recently installed softwares such as Windows Live messenger, Windows Live photo gallery and so on.

The Wlloginproxy.exe is basically a Login helper and sign-in assistant for Windows Live Messenger, the file in question can be found is C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Live folder, replace C with whichever drive you have installed Windows in.

Rest assured this executable is not a threat and you can continue using your PC without having to worry about it. However this program is not really useful and you can uninstall this software from your add/remove program menu, try and look for Windows Live Sign-in Assistant in the add/remove program options as shown in the screenshot below.


If you want your questions answered, feel free to send us a nudge through the contact us form, we do take all contact form queries seriously, however we may usually reply back via a email instead of writing a blog post like this.

Things Not To Do With Twitter

is amazing. Twitter gives you the best news instantly. There are over 90 million search results for the term Does God Twitter? All said and done Twitter is really getting very popular very fast and is growing tremendously.

But what are Twitter etiquettes? There are none officially, but thanks to PC World, we now have a list of things to avoid with twitter.

Don't Drink and Tweet

The list includes several guidelines including how not to keep twittering Good Morning Twitterverse, avoid twittering while you are drunk, avoiding tweeting of live TV shows among other things.

So go ahead and improve your twitter etiquette ,visit Top 13 Twitter Don’ts by PC World. Oh and if you are on twitter don’t forget to follow me @keithdsouza and our friendly updater bot @techiebuzzer to get regular updates to your twitter account.

iPhone Emulator For Testing Websites On A iPhone

Gone are the days when testing your websites on traditional desktop browsers was the only thing you needed to worry about, with smart phones like , iPhone and Android it has become more and more important to test out your website on mobile devices.

Quite sometime back we had told you about a trick to emulate mobile browsers on your desktop, you could definitely fool websites to display content as if they were serving it on a mobile browser.

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How To Block Automatic Update From Installing IE8?

Microsoft is planning to push to users through the Windows Automatic Update channel. Users may start seeing the updates by the third week of April.

The browser will be pushed out to Windows XP, , Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server users.

However Microsoft will not automatically install the software and will be prompting users to install the browser.

If you want to completely block IE8 from appearing in automatic updates, you can install a toolkit that will disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 8, this is a official tool from Microsoft.

Once you install the toolkit, you can disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 8 as a high-priority update via Automatic Updates and the Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites.

Download IE8 Blocker Toolkit [via Download Squad]