Make Firefox More Productive With Add-ons and Extensions [Productivity Tip]
By on July 3rd, 2008

Firefox has become the center of our online world and there are several different add-ons that we combine and use to keep ourselves more productive while browsing the Internet.

There may be several wonderful add-ons out there, but we will only speak of the few we use and the purpose of it so that you get a general idea of whether or not you should be using that add-on for yourself.

Productivity Add-ons for Browsing, Managing and Downloading



QuickJava is a real handy extension which allows you to enable/disable Java applets/JavaScript access with a single click. The add-on though not very popular definitely helps, since it saves you time from going through your settings and disabling and enabling access. QuickJava sits in your status bar allowing you to quickly change your preferences.

CookieSafe and Remove Cookies for Site


CookieSafe is a useful extension that allows you to block cookies quickly for any given site. You can also control cookie permissions on a global level.

Remove Cookies for Site on the other hand allows you to quickly delete cookies for any site from the context menu. We can’t live without this one, since it definitely saves a whole load of time.



FastDial is a extension that brings a new feature to Firefox, which is available in Opera by default. FastDial replaces your home page and allows you add and quickly access your favorite websites by displaying small thumbnails, clicking on which will take you to the website.

Though there may be several ways in which you can access your favorite websites, we prefer FastDial since it allows us to quickly access all our favorite sites when we open up a new tab.

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Drag Drop Upload


If you use the Internet to upload files frequently you may have grown fed up of browsing to the correct folders everytime you want to find the file to upload.

Drag Drop Upload is a nice little extensions which allows you to drag and drop files into the file dialog boxes. Once you have dropped the file the extension will copy the full path to the input box. You can also drag and drop multiple files into the file dialog boxes and Drag Drop Upload will handle it, though this feature is limited to only some sites.

Undo Closed Tabs Button


There are several times when we have closed a tab by mistake, it was quite a pain to go back to the history and find out which tab we had closed. Undo Closed Tabs Button is a real life saver since it allows you to open the last closed tab with just the click of a button.

The add-on also provides you with a toolbar button, using which you can see a history of the tabs you closed in that order.



We like using the command line quite a lot but the mouse definitely saves us a lot of time while browsing. With FireGestures we have customized several mouse movements to perform tasks that would have taken us much longer the normal way.

All In One Sidebar


Managing several things in several windows is always a pain, All In One Sidebar is a handy extension that allows you to manage your add-ons, downloads, bookmarks from the sidebar. You can also view source for a web page or get more information about it right from the sidebar itself.

Evernote Web Clipper


Several times during the day we spot interesting things and may want to write about it later. Evernote Web Clipper fits in perfectly with our note taking allowing us to clip web pages, images and text, so that we can go over it later at our own leisure. You may also want to check out Google Notebook add-on.

Save Image in Folder and Save File to


While browsing we find different types of files and images which we want to save to our computers. We hate the save dialogs that ask us where we want to save our files, since it is a definite time waster for us.

We use two handy extensions the first one save image in folder allows us to create pre-defined folders to which we can easily save images, the second one is more recent extension called Save File to which allows you to save the entire page, links or images in pre-defined folders with just a mouse click.

While we prefer save image in folder for images because it has a option to auto-increment image names if a duplicate one is found. And yes both these extensions allow you to skip the save file dialog for good.

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Since we spend a lot of time using Firefox, we prefer to use ReminderFox for several reasons. It definitely saved us a lot of time remembering birthdays, anniversaries, paying of cable and Internet bills and more without having to maintain another application just for reminding us about important dates and events.

Better Google Services


We must admit that we use several Google services in our day to day life, and there are several ways in which Google could improve. Nevertheless we use quite a few productivity add-ons for Google services including Better Gmail, Better Google Calendar and Better Google Reader.

All these add-on have been created by Gina Trapani the chief editor of Lifehacker and a person who we immensely admire.

Download Statusbar and DownThemAll

download-status-bar downthemall

The default Firefox downloads window is pesky and keeps cropping up on us when a file starts to download and finishes downloading, we prefer to silence it once and for all using Download Statusbar a handy extension that will create a tiny little icon for downloads and put it in your statusbar.

On the other hand when we want to download several things from a page there is not better tool than Downthemall, just choose the content you want to and it will down them all for you. It is also the first download accelerator built inside Firefox.

More Tools Menu


The more add-ons you add, the more cluttered your tools menu gets. More Tools Menu is a simple add-on that separates the core tools menu from your add-ons and creates a separate menu for them.

Definitely makes it easier finding the options menu for any particular add-on.

Social Networking Productivity Add-ons



We have never looked back since the day we started using Google Reader, it is one of the best online feed readers you will ever come across. Google Reader definitely has made us productive while sorting through thousands of sources for content.

With Feedly we could take feed reading to another refreshing level being able to manage and devour the content with more ease than ever before. If you are a heavy feed subscriber and Google Reader user, you should definitely try our feedly.

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Shareaholic is a great add-on for clubbing in several social networking tools into one, you can easily digg a page, stumble it, add it to facebook, reddit it, tumble it, save it to and more.

Shareaholic also show you the number of diggs and saves for a particular page. We had also mentioned this add-on in our earlier post where we told you how to convert Firefox into a social networking hub.



We love twittering, but maintaining several applications to twitter our thoughts or follow others definitely leaves us a lot less productive. With TwitterFox we can see what others are saying or simply tweet our thoughts from right within Firefox. Definitely saves us a lot of time. By don’t forget to follow us on twitter.

Productivity Add-ons For Development



FireBug is a must have add-on for every web developer. Firebug allows you to easily edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript for any web page.

Web Developer


Web Developer is a powerful extension for developers. It definitely makes developing web pages quite easy. You can modify CSS on the fly, see which layers are using which styles, modify cookies, play around with images and practically do anything you would want to do as a developer.

This is a real must have tool for any web designer or developer.

Tamper Data


One of the best extensions that will allow you to easily view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers for any website. Tamper Data is a must have extension for any developer.



Regular expressions have always been a favorite of many developers, but for those who have been using XML and know the power of the XPath query language will vouch otherwise.

XPather is a powerful extension that will allow you to generate XPath queries, modify them and inspect them for any given web page.

XML Developer Toolbar

XML Developer Toolbar is a handy extension that allows developers to work with XML easily and effortlessly right from the browser.

User Agent Switcher


User Agent Switcher quickly allows the user to change the user agent of the browser to see the behavior of web pages under different browsers.

View Dependencies


View Dependencies is a add-on that adds a new tab to the page info dialog and shows the dependencies (images, CSS, js)for the page and their size, allowing you to see which image or CSS is taking more time to load.

These extensions and add-ons definitely help us stay productive while using Firefox right from browsing to social networking and also assist us while we develop softwares for the Internet. We are more than curious to know the extensions you use to stay productive with Firefox so do let us know about them through your comments.

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