Lost: Seasons 1 to 5 available for Free in Hulu


(For users in the United States only) Hulu, the premier internet TV distributor has released all the 101 episodes of Lost, the TV show detailing the trials and tribulations of plane-crash survivors in a mysterious South Pacific Island, completely for free. This is in anticipation of the spike in demand for season 6 which will air on February 2nd. And considering that they have released it for free, there will be a mighty spike!


From this Hulu page you can start your journey into the Lost universe right from the first season’s pilot episode. The entirety of the episodes are available without any ads and can be viewed at your pleasure. Although ABC had released the full episodes some time ago, they had not released all the episodes (even now only the last season can be viewed – again only for US users).

Note: Although there are many proxy-faking softwares available around the net (for example, Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield) most do not work with Hulu. Hulu automatically detects that you are using a proxy-faking software and does not stream the show for you. Although earlier it used to be possible currently it is not possible. So do not try it.

Addendum: However, if you do find that such a software works, you are welcome to tell us about it in the comments!

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