Listen To Your Favorite Movies On Your iPod

I sometimes get so facinated by the dialogues in a movie that I want to hear them over and over. Usually it requires watching the movie again but that is not always possible. So I gave it some thought and came up with a way to just listen to a movie. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find The Script:

Once you know which movie you want to listen to, try to find the original script for that movie. The best resource for finding movie scripts is IMSDB is the Internet Movie Scripts Database and contains scripts from hundreds of movies. You can search for a movie or browse by genre to find something like. It also contains transcripts from a lot of TV shows.

2. Save The Script:

The script is in plain text so you can simply copy and paste it into a text file. You can also edit the script to take out parts that you don’t like or delete any words like Cont’d. Once you are done editing, save it as a simple text file.

3. Convert To Audio:

There are a number of tools to do that with Spesoft and Zamzar being a couple of good ones. Just use them to convert the text file into an MP3 format.

4. Import into iTunes:

The MP3 files can be easily imported into iTunes, or better yet, you can convert them to the audio book format. Once imported into iTunes, you can listen to the movie whenever you want. If you import it as an audio book, your iPod will automatically remember your position in the file so you don’t have to remember where you left off.

This, ofcourse, would not be as fun as watching the actual movie since you won’t be hearing the dialogues from the original actors, but it can still provide a lot of entertainment value.

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