Leaked: HD5850 and HD5870 Specifications

As the launch date of AMD’s Dx11 based graphics card are approaching, more and more information is being leaked about them. Today we got information about AMD HD5850 and HD5870. One of the most useful feature’s present in these new HD5xxx series card is that they can simultaneously support 3 monitor’s compared to the current maximum output of 2 monitor’s supported by all graphics card.


Here are the characteristics of HD5850 and HD5870 cards –

Radeon HD 5870 – > $399, support directX 11, 20 SIMD blocks, 1600 stream processors, 80 textures filtering units, 32 blocks rops, 256- bit memory, core clock frequency – 850 MHz, GDDR5 memory clock frequency – 1200 MHz (effective – 4800 MHz), energy consumption idle- 28 watts, load – 190 watts;

Radeon HD 5850 – > $299, support directX 11, 18 SIMD blocks, 1440 stream processors, 72 textures filtering units , 32 blocks rops, the 256- bit memory, core clock frequency – 700 MHz, GDDR5 memory clock frequency – 1000 MHz (effective – 4000 MHz).

These cards from AMD/ATi will not only bring Dx11 to the market but they will also feature a new Anisotropic Filtration algorithm.

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