Internet Explorer 8 Is The Name
By on December 7th, 2007

Well many of us cringe when they hear about Internet Explorer but the real fact is that it performs better when memory comes into the question. Nirmal has done an extensive test on browsers to come up the fact that Firefox uses up the most memory among browsers.

I have been using IE7 along with Firefox for a long time. The reason I started using both the browsers was because I started up a new account for Google AdSense which could not be accessed within the same browser.

I had used the beta version of IE7 before for quite some time and I can tell you all the beta versions were crap. The browser either crashed or did something it was not supposed to.

The final version of IE7 is much more stable and performs much better than most of the other browsers. Well what more we are now going to get nextG of Internet Explorer Browser which is now officially called Internet Explorer 8.

The official announcement went out that they were going to call the new browser Internet Explorer 8. I was surprised for a moment as to why they were deliberating about it what would they call it? Well here are some of the names they thought appropriate enough for the new browser

IE 7+1
IE 1000 (think binary)
IE Eight!
IE for Web 2.0 (Service Pack 2)
IE Desktop Online Web Browser Live Professional Ultimate Edition for the Internet (the marketing team really pushed for this one ;-)
Ie2.079 (we might still use this for the Math Major Edition)

How hard it is to come up with a name. They have had IE5, IE5.5, IE6 and now IE7. The best bet is that it has to be IE8 not some weird name, it’s a browser after all not some web2.0 service they are launching.

There are not other major announcements about the features that they will integrate into IE8 but gauging from the names they were trying out I think there may be more integration with social networking sites and web2.0 services. IE8 may eventually do what Flock did to Firefox.

I put my 2 cents on integration with Digg, Stumble Upon, Live Spaces, Windows Live and other social networking services and definitely with Microsoft Office coming forth into IE8.

Talking about performance I still think that if Firefox does not pull up its socks in the next release I may ditch it for IE, it has worked better in memory consumption, no crashes at all (I can’t believe it), picks up https certificate errors. Banking has not given me any trouble yet and shopping has been pleasant without any hacks.

Well I attribute one of the reasons to this being the automatic security updates I have chosen. It updates all the vulnerabilities in the browser regularly. If you are using IE then I recommend you should turn on the automatic update service.

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