Install Ubuntu Hardy on Your Windows PC With Wubi
By on August 2nd, 2008

Linux distributions have been a pain to install in the past, we have been through that pain and can assure that it was frightful. The earlier versions of Red Hat required you to have unformatted space on your hard drive on which you could install it, and to be quite frank it was a pain to format your hard drive, leave unformatted space and then install Red Hat which took a good five-six hours of your time.

wubi-logo But that was 8 years ago and with times everything gets simpler, technology has made a vast difference in the last 8 years and we now dual boot with Ubuntu hardy on a Windows Vista machine and a Windows XP machine, and it takes us only 30 minutes to install it without having to go through a lot of pain.

Linux is not a geeks operating system anymore and with Flavors like Ubuntu you can get the same experience as you have with Windows with much more security.

Installing Ubuntu on a Windows Machine is as simple as 1-2-3, just follow the steps given below and you should have it all setup without going through much problems.

  • Download Wubi A Ubuntu Installer for Windows
  • Follow through the steps and it should install itself, the steps include things like creating a username and password, choosing how much disk space the installation should take and so on.

Yea that’s it, only two steps and you will have a cool operating system installed, be aware that it will download approximately 700MB of data to your computer, so you should have a good Internet connection to complete the installation in 30 minutes.

Installing Ubuntu with Wubi has a definite plus point, since you can easily uninstall Ubuntu by using the uninstall option provided by Windows Add/Remove Programs.

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  • Robert

    Just installed this on my xp system. Had it downloaded and running within 2 hours with no problems. I’ve always wanted to dig into Linux with something other than a live CD.

    If Wubi is pushed hard enough, M$ should be very afraid.

  • Sandip

    great finding keith, i am still using ubuntu in vmware but take hell lots of space will plan to use Wubi soon

  • Sumesh

    I have installed Wubi too, and am very impressed. I had installed Ubuntu on dual boot even on Ubuntu 7 (which had no Wubi), so that speaks volumes.

    One worry that I have is what use Windows users (and mostly non-geeks) will have with Ubuntu. Security, stability etc. don’t really impress them because they do not look at such factors, usually.

  • Juan G

    I installed ubuntu using wubi on several computers. On all of them I had problems using firefox in both windows and ubuntu. This finally forced me to uninstal ubuntu and then totally uninstal firefox in windows, including having to delte files manually. The problem with the dual boot is that ubuntu doesn’t work well with some basic firefox addons. I love foxmarks since I use so many comput3ers. With ubuntu it just doesn’t work and causes firefox to have bugs and the enter button not working.

  • Smilisav

    Installed Karmic Koala on XP system. Installation on C: works well. Installation on D: works well, but after next reboot it won't boot. Remains in sh:grub> and have to set boot manually to point to /dev/sda5.

    How to edit wubi cfg file(s) to point to /dev/sda5 ?

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