Increase User Traffic By Embedding Flash Games On Your Website

If you experience a decent traffic on your website but struggle to retain them, one idea is to use flash games to engage users. It would obviously not work for a niche website but if you are a fun, community website that has a variety of content, adding flash games might help you significantly.

HeyZap is one of the websites that has over 12,000 flash-based games to attract more users. You can easily embed these games on your website by simply copy-pasting a line of code. You can even customize the widget and choose what type of games would be available to your users. In addition to increasing earnings as a result of traffic increase, HeyZap also lets you earn a 15% commission on all the in-game sales that happen through your website.

A handy analytic tool tells you how the games are doing and how much money you have earned. A flexible API also lets you customize the content for your flash games widget.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

HeyZap is a great resource for embedding thousands of flash games on your website. It is easy to use and can increase your website traffic significantly. The collection of games is also huge and provides an easy way to retain users.

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