Improve Your Productivity With Simple Tips and Awesome Tools – Part 1 [User Recommendation]

This post is part of our user recommendation marathon where users ask recommend questions to us.

Abhishek from TechnixUpdate asks us, Can you give tips on increasing productivity

Well Abhishek, thanks for asking this question and I would be glad to impart few tips and tools that I use to make my PC life more productive, leaving me with lots of time to do other things.

A Clean Desktop

The first thing I see when I boot up my PC is the desktop, I believe it’s like a living room of a house. If I keep it cluttered I may always walk into a mess, making it more tough for me to keep the rest of the house clean.

So I like to keep my desktop as clean as possible, only keeping information that may be useful to me on it, like a single folder to dump files (P1) into, a to-do list, a calendar and a post-it note. Keeping my desktop this way allows me to also stay productive with tasks and appointments.

I also use a quick launcher to keep all the applications handy, so that I can keep my desktop de-cluttered and also have access to things that I want. Take a look at my desktop below (Click to enlarge it).

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