How To View Stored Passwords In Firefox?

I tend to use a mix and match of browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, , , and Safari, but having used Firefox for quite sometime, I have stored passwords to numerous websites in it. Being so used to the Password manager in Firefox definitely has its own flaws, which includes having the liberty to forget them, since you never have to enter it over and over again.

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So now what if you want to sign in to the same account in another browser, rack your brains? Well, we would suggest otherwise, since here is a simple solution to view all the saved passwords in Firefox.

To view stored passwords in Firefox, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Go to Tools > Options and select the Security tab.

Step 2 Click on the Saved Password button

Step 3 Click on the show passwords button available in the new window, you should get a alert saying Are you sure you wish to show your passwords. Click on the Yes button.

Step 4 Browse through the list of available passwords and find the one for the website you want to login to from another browser.

You do not need any special software or extensions to find your passwords in Firefox, following these four steps should allow you to easily find them.

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