How to View Hidden Files and Folders in Windows? [User Recommendation]

This post is part of our user recommendation marathon, where we answer questions recommended by the users to us.

Reader Jeremy asks us, I changed the property of a folder to hidden by mistake and I can’t find it now when I am using explorer, is it deleted? How can I get the folder back to be viewable?

Well Jeremy, first of the all the folder has not been deleted. Once you follow this simple trick, you will be able to view the folder as well as change its properties so that it is not hidden.

By default Windows is setup to not show hidden files and folder, in order to view those files you will need to change the settings to display the hidden files and folders. To do that open Windows Explorer and click on Folder options under the Tools menu.


In the folder options window, select the view tab and check the option that says Show hidden files and foldersand click on Ok.


You will now be able to view the hidden files and folders and change their properties so that they are not hidden anymore. We also have a video that shows you how you can do this graphically.

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