How TO Unlock PDF Files?

I recently received a file from my friend, I wanted to copy certain part of the PDF and paste it as a note, however I could not copy the text from the PDF file, making me wonder what was wrong with it.

Turned out that the PDF file in question had fonts which were not installed on my system. I searched for a solution, I came across a tool called PDF Crack which allowed users to unlock PDF Files.

Some PDF documents prevent the user from copying and pasting or printing it’s contents. This sometimes presents a problem since the author of the PDF might have used a font that is not available in the system trying to read it.


Unlocking a PDF file is easy, just upload the file that is having a problem to the PDF Crack website and click on the submit button. PDF Crack will unlock the document and provide you with a new PDF file that is readable and can be copied from.

Visit PDF Crack to unlock PDF files for free.

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7 thoughts on “How TO Unlock PDF Files?”

  1. If a pdf file is protected from copying, therefore the copy option will be disabled. So how can you see the fonts is not available in system? You will not be able to know it until you have implemented the copy action.

    Usually if the author doesn’t use a standard font which Ms Word processor doesn’t preset, even if you can copy it, you will get a gibberish when you paste into word document. In this case, you need to install the font by yourself. Thus it will recognize after “copy and paste”

    And remove restrictions from PDF file with a good pdf password remover it’s as easy as PDF crack.

  2. I think you can simply convert that PDF to a word file and can access the data and format you want from it with the help of any pdf to word converter software, because a pdf unlocker tool is used for extracting data from a protected PDF file.

  3. Actually, I would doubt with the legal issue using this tool to crack PDF. There should be other tools that would remove restrictions without ruining the writer / owners’ right.
    Try PDF Password Remover, that works well.

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