How To Transfer Google Notebook To Zoho?

The developer behind Google Notebook have announced that they will be stopping active development on the product, and many users are wondering if they should continue using Google Notebook or simply switch to something else.

Considering Google’s earlier of the popular Google Browser Sync, we would highly suggest users to start moving their notes to a alternative.


If you are looking to transfer your Google Notebooks to Zoho, Amit from Digital Inspiration has put up a small tutorial that will allow you to export/transfer your Google Notebook to Zoho. To make the transfer follow the simple steps.

Step 1: Install the Zoho Plugin for Firefox and then restart your browser.

Step 2: Login to both Zoho Notebook and Google Notebook. If you are not a Zoho user, you can use your existing Google Account or Yahoo ID to log into Zoho Notebook.

Step 3: Now copy-paste chrome://zoho-notebook/content/g2z.html into the Firefox address bar (don’t add http) and start the import wizard. All your Google Notebook notes will become available in Zoho within minutes.

Hack and Mods tip from Digital Inspiration, Transfer Your Google Notebook to Zoho, Quickly & Effortlessly.

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