How to Start Private Browsing Session in Google Chrome?
By on September 2nd, 2008

Google Chrome adds in a feature called Incognito which allows users to browse websites without saving history on the computer, this feature is similar to the one available in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.

Opening a private or incognito session in Google Chrome is quite easy, you can either use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + N or choose the Open New incognito window from the menu.


The new window that opens up will not store any data to the search and browsing history.

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  • lazyandroid

    Is there a way to open porn mode… I mean Incognito on startup? With a command line for example?

    • Keith Dsouza

      @lazyandroid will research this and write a short post on how this can be done shortly.

      • phillya

        Any news on the first question? I’d love to know as well!

    • G Web | Google Talk

      LOL, you crack me up lazyandroid. You do hit the nail on the head with your comment though! Priceless!!!

  • anon
  • Stephanie

    Still trying to have chrome start up this way. Any luck?

  • dana-gabriela chmile

    I like Incognito.

  • Dave

    This feature is not in the latest version unknown (40600) of Google Chrome.

    • kanni

      Will this protect me from downloading movies from bittorrent,which generally say you can be sued or law suited by downloading torrent???please reply…

      • Keith Dsouza

        No, this will not protect you from being tracked through your IP address.

        • kanni

          so what to do for being

          • Empress

            Peerblock, helps a bit I think check it our its freeware and it block content from pinging your computer

  • Erin

    thankz i didnt know what that meant :P but ok hehe

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  • Vin John

    try this link

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