How to Sign Unsigned Symbian S60 Applications? [Nokia SmartPhones]
By on August 22nd, 2008

Many Nokia S60 applications are in beta stages and not signed. Installing a unsigned application on a S60 device is next to impossible. did make the process of self signing application easier, but recently they have changed their requirements for signing applications, asking users to provide them with a publisher ID which is quite difficult to get your hands on.

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There is a software though that will make signing unsigned applications a piece of cake.

GenialSiS is a desktop tool that will allow you to easily self-sign unsigned applications that are supported by using Open Sign. All you require is the phone IMIE number and the unsigned application, here is a step by step tutorial for signing unsigned Symbian S60 app with GenialSiS.

GenialSiS runs out of the box, so you do not need to install it, download the file at the end of the post and unzip it to a folder.

Step 1: Find your Phone IMEI number To do that type in *#06# in your phone and press Dial key, write down the number you see someplace, we will be using it in next steps.

Step 2: Fill in Information into GenialSiS – Open GenialSiS and go to the open signed tab, add a email address (this will be where confirmation emails are sent) and your IMEI number, once you have done that, click on the Open button and browse and include the unsigned application.


The application allows to sign more than one application at a time, but we suggest you sign only one application at a time.

Step 3: Sign the Application After you have selected the unsigned application, and entered the email and IMEI, click on the Sign button. After you have clicked the button, GenialSiS will load the Open Signed page within the application and enter the details for you, you will have to confirm the captcha image before the application is submitted for signing to Symbian Signed.


Step 4: Confirmation of Submissions Once you have entered the captcha code, wait for a few seconds, if everything goes ok, you should see a confirmation message from Symbian Signed, telling you about a email that was sent to you to confirm the signing process.


Note: You may see errors instead of a confirmation, if the application you tried to sign has errors or is not supported by Symbian Signed.

Step 5: Click on the Confirmation link in the Email Login to the email you had provided while signing and check for a email sent by Symbian Signed, open up the email and click on the confirmation link, you should see a message that the application will be processed shortly.

Step 6: Wait for the second email from Symbian Signed Once the application has been signed, Symbian signed will send you another email, open that email and click on the link provided to download the signed application.

Step 7: Install and Enjoy Now that you have a signed application the S60 device will not complain about certificate errors and allow you to install the application.

We were able to self-sign and install the following application on our Nokia N95 smartphone using this trick: LandscapePro, RockNScroll, ShakeMe, FlipSilent, ShakeLock, Autolock, Calsync, rotateMe and FreeCallSprite.

Download GenialSiS Symbian S60 Application Signer

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