How To Setup Opera to Prompt/Ask Before Exiting?

We have been using Opera for some time now and love it for its simplicity and speed, though Firefox will still remain the best browser for us. We have been discussing tips and tricks for Opera, such as using StumbleUpon in Opera and opening a new tab in the background.

Browsing over time in Opera, we came across a very annoying problem, Opera exited itself on clicking the main close button without prompting the user about it, so, often we had to restore the 20 open tabs we had running before Opera closed.

Firefox and Internet Explorer prompt users before closing, when multiple tabs are open. We are not sure why Opera does not have this feature enabled by default, but found a solution where we would be prompted with a message before Opera closed itself.

To have Opera ask/prompt you before closing itself go to Tools > Preferences or use the Ctrl + F12 hotkey. Navigate to the advanced tab and select browsing from the left hand side menu. In the options provided select Confirm exit.


So the next time you click on the close button you will be prompted with a message before Opera exits.


Note: Unlike Firefox and Internet Explorer, you will be prompted with this message even if you have one tab open.

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  • I think previously Opera used to ask for confirmation before closing by default. It was changed later possibly because most users didnt find it useful. I have it disabled the notification on all browsers Opera9, Fx3 and Ie8.

  • alexwest

    typical idiotic post from someone how knows zilch


    wanna know what happen next?? opera WONT ASK FOR CONFIRMATION (CONFIRM EXIT CHECKED)

    why??? because stupid idiots from n europe somehow developed this option for only main aka 1st opera window..

    why???????? i dont know.. i tried to ask .. never got answer..

    it has probably something todo w/ famous n. europe in-breeding..

    • Peter

      On the subject of inbreeding, you speak terrible English.

  • davidp24

    Sadly, the solution on this page is no longer available, but do not delete it, let is bear testament to the complete stupidity of Opera.

    I use Firefox but started to consider Opera as a real potential alternative, people have been asling for this for YEARS but on the Opera forums you get really dumb responses if you bother to complain. blaming the victims of their bad design.

    It is simple, Firefox not only prompts me if I accidentally click the Red X close at top right but even if it crashes I get my tabs back.

    With Opera you lose it all, there is some history but that may be deleted on close, the cookies certainly are so whatever you were doing on the site is screwed.

    With Firefox not only do I get a prompt, but I can recover everything if it crashes and even recover former sessions.

    I lost a lot of important tabs that cost me 2 hours work today, so that will be the last time I use Opera until this feature is implemnted.

    It is so basic one wonders WTH were they thinking about in removing it.