How To Run Java Applets Including Yahoo Games and Yahoo Chat in Google Chrome?

We have been playing around with Google Chrome for quite sometime now, the browser looks pretty good and you can read our first impressions about it. The one thing that we missed about Google Chrome is the inability to work with Java applets and with popular gaming sites like Yahoo Games.

Though that was only temporary since we found a way in which you can run java applets and games including those from Yahoo Games in Google Chrome.

By default the Java runtime only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox, in order to support Google Chrome (Google Chrome is based on Webkit which powers the Safari Browser) you will need to download the beta version of Java Runtime, which is compatible with Webkit and should support Java applets in Google Chrome.

So if you want to enjoy the games in the latest browser, download and install the beta version of JRE, link included at bottom of post. We could not get a snapshot of Yahoo Games since we are getting a 999 error from Yahoo, we will post screenshots of Yahoo Games in Google Chrome once the error is removed. Here is a snapshot of loading Java applets in Google Chrome

Screenshot Google Chrome cannot load the Java Applet


Screenshot After Installing the JRE, where Google Chrome can Run Java Applets


If you want to run Java Applets on Google Chrome, download the JRE 6u10 for Windows and restart Google Chrome after installation. Once you have done that you can access all Java applets from Google Chrome, including the popular Yahoo Games and Yahoo Chat.

Download JRE 6u10

9 thoughts on “How To Run Java Applets Including Yahoo Games and Yahoo Chat in Google Chrome?”

    1. @PC at this point I don’t think so, technically this can be done in safari with Greasekit, but I haven’t found a windows version for it yet.

  1. Yep, this works, but keep in mind that the latest version of java will load by default. In my setup, I already had java7 installed and it won’t work with Chrome. After uninstalling java7, java 6.10 loaded properly as the default.

  2. I have to stay with Java 6 earlier builds. Build 10 breaks certain java web start deployments. Too bad, so sad. This is a great browser.

  3. I installed many times JRE 6 UP10 BUT I CANNOT MAKE CHROME WORK W/JAVA APPLETS.

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