How To Remove Duplicate Contacts In Yahoo Mail?
By on July 31st, 2008

Continuing our series of posts where we show users how to remove duplicate contacts, we will show users how they can remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail.

If you are Windows Live Hotmail user, you may want to consider reading our earlier post, where we showed users how to remove duplicate contacts from Windows Live Hotmail.

Yahoo Mail has quite recently added a new feature allowing users to remove duplicate contacts, though the feature is still in the beta phase, it does it jobs good enough. To remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail, login to your account and click on the Options link in the right hand side and select Mail options from the drop down link.

A new page should showing you different options, click on the link that says Contacts Options, clicking on this link should open up a new window.

Tip: To load the address book option quickly copy and paste the URL (without the quotes) the same browser window to directly load the address book options for Yahoo.

In the address book options page click on the link that says Clean up Duplicates (beta).


Once you click on the link a new inline window will open showing you the duplicate contacts in your account.


You can click on the link to merge exact contacts into one, once the exact contacts have been merged, click on the Next button.

Clicking on the next button will take your through a wizard allowing you to easily merge the other similar contacts into a single entry.


Once you have gone through the wizard to merge the similar entries your Yahoo Mail address book be free of duplicate contacts.

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  • Jeff H

    Yahoo! Mail’s recent addition of “Clean Up Duplicates Beta” in the Contact folder has been a complete disaster. It just freezes the Contacts folder, never resolving to actually show the contacts. What crap.

    • Jeff

      My experience as well. Just freezes and ends up doing nothing. I gotta reload Contacts entirely.


      • Rahul Sharma

        Yahoo is my favourite, however, this one is the second worst after their introduction of filters and removal of auto-routing of mail to folders in Disposable Addresses. After being censured all over the internet, that feature has been restored. Let us see how much this Beta troubles!

  • Ashish

    i tried this option but dint help much, yahoo was not able to detect many of the similar or double ids in my contacts, how can i merge them manually ?

  • Henry

    Yahoo’s “Remove Duplicate Contacts” should be renamed “Contacts Multiplier”. I have several hundred unique contacts which have been multiplied by Yahoo into the maximum limit of 5000. I can’t add any more new contacts.

    • Rahul Sharma

      There! You said it! It is SO frustrating and tiring!

  • msbob

    It works… but you need to know the trick.

    1. it only seems to affect 150 or so contacts at a time
    2. press merge all exact
    3. wait 2-3 minutes
    4. then click on Contacts again to reload
    5. start over

    it took a while, but I was able to clean up 5000 contacts down to 1200.

    • Andrew Francis

      oh zeen… caused we realized that but i just assumed that yahoo’s contact merging tool had a defect. Some of the contacts are merged but the old contact from which it was merged is still there. But I’m gonna try clicking it multiple times to see if that will really solve my problem.

    • Rahul Sharma

      That was pretty ingenious! Just like one other method that I worked on, a long time ago ( and was thankfully defeated by Yahoo, this method of yours did not work in my case!

      I shall try your method, again, in IE and hopefully it should do the trick.

      Keep up the thinking!

  • Rahul Sharma

    But then it just does not do the job! I spent about 2 hours Merging my 1255 Duplicates and there they were, again, in the same list!

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