How To Remove Duplicate Contacts In Windows Live Hotmail?
By on July 29th, 2008

Several of our readers have been asking this question on how they can get rid of duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail, so here is a post for all those readers, hope this helps you get rid of duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail. As a bonus to our readers we will also be posting about how you can delete contacts in other Webmail Interfaces.

Windows Live Hotmail has improved over time and they have introduced several new features, getting rid of duplicate contacts being one of them. To delete duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail, after you login to your webmail account, click on the Options link in the right hand side corner.


Once you have clicked on the link, a new page will load showing you lot of different options, scroll down until you see the Customize your contacts header and click on the Clean up duplicate contacts link.


Clicking on the link will load another page where you will see a description about cleaning duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail and a button to start the process.


Once you have read the instructions click on the Clean up duplicate contacts button to start the process. Windows Live will fetch the duplicate contacts that exist in your address book, you can click on the contacts to see the details and delete the duplicate contacts or merge them into a single contact.


Using this simple process you can delete or merge all your contacts in Windows Live Hotmail. Hope this helps our readers to solve their problem.

Have a problem? Or want to get a query answered? Feel free to ask us and we will try our best to answer them.

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  • Endre

    Hi. I have duplicate-horror in my Live Messenger. I have now over 5000 contacts since my contacts is multiplied with over 10. The duplicate-remover is not working, it only gives me a message that contacts is no longer available. I have tried several times over the last weeks now, but still same error message. This might be because I have so many contacts. The duplicate-remover have worked before. Could it be that there is a limit for 5000 and this is the reason that I cant remove duplicates?

  • Gabry


    How can I remove the duplicate mails on Windows Live Mail ?
    There are something script/addon or external program? Don’t find any good program for it.

    Thanks for advance,


  • Anup

    This tool is just a toy. Any Freshman can write this and is probably a very stupid feature. I have about 700 contacts in my address book, half of them are duplicates. Try using this tool with 300+ contacts. That is no fun. There should have been a good automated way to get this done.

  • Bill

    @Anup: what the hell kind of comment is that? It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s useless.

    Currently, when I hit try and use this feature, it says it can’t find any duplicates. I have hundreds of duplicate contacts with THE SAME NAME. Another worthless Microsoft “feature.”

    Not only that, but you can only merge names on the same page… so if you’ve got two names, but one’s on your “a” page and another’s on your “j” page, you can’t check the box next to each and merge them, because once you leave a page, the name becomes “unchecked.”


  • Fouad


    I have this problem with one particulat contact on my contacts list, every time I delete it using the "Clean up duplicate" function on hotmail, it comes back doubled.

    At present I have this contact repeated 73 times and I'm worried if I delete it again it will come back as 140!

    Can you help.


  • colin

    I have removed duplicate contacts successfully,but what ablut getting rid of duplicate messages? Is there a ‘hotmail’ ‘livedrive’ solution tho this?

  • ryan

    Also recommend trying out to remove duplicate contacts

  • scrubly

    Tried it out and it worked for my duplicate problem

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