How To Play Any Video File In Windows Media Player? [User Recommendation]

This post is part of the user recommendation series where users recommend question to us.

Our reader Jerome asks us Hey Techie, I have been reading you for quite some time and wanted to ask this question. I love Windows Media Player but it does not play all the files I download saying that some codec is being downloaded, some of the videos only have sounds but no video at all. I did try VLC player but do not like the interface and would like to play all the files in Windows Media Player, can you tell me know I can do it?

Well Jerome, like you we too have been using Windows Media player for quite some time, in the past we have also shown how to play real media files in Windows Media Player, but there are several other files which do not play in Windows Media Player, even though they are supposedto play in Windows Media player.

The core problem for not being able to play a supported file in Windows Media Player lies in the fact that several manufacturers use different codecs for the same file format, so even though .AVI files may be supported by Windows Media Player it may not play the file because of the encoding used while creating it. You can get over the problem by downloading the required codec from the manufacturer.

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