How to Open / View .nfo Files

Many a times you may download softwares which contain a additional file with a .nfo extensions, by default such files are supposed to open with the Windows System Information, though most of the times you may receive a error saying, System information cannot open this NFO file.

The reason being that many of the NFO files distributed with softwares are usually text files containing information about the software authors and other data.

What is a .nfo File?

NFO files usually contain release information about a software program. They are commonly associated with warez groups who include them to declare credit of and “bragging rights” over said release. Similarly they are often found in demoscene productions, where the respective groups include them for credits, contact details, and the software requirements. Wikipedia.

How to Open / View .nfo Files?

NFO files can be opened using either a text editor or a dedicated NFO viewer (not System Information). To open or view a .nfo file, you can download Damn NFO Viewer, using which you can easily open and view the information inside a .nfo file.

Download Damn NFO Viewer

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