How to Open/View .rar Files?

Rar files are archives similar to WinZip but since they use a different compression algorithm technology, they cannot be opened by WinZip or the default zip utility provided by Windows XP and Windows Vista.

What is a RAR File?

RAR is the native format of WinRAR archiver. Like other archives, RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. After you downloaded RAR file from Internet, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it.

Opening / Viewing .rar Files

In order to open .rar files you will have to download WinRar which holds the proprietary rights to the format. WinRar though is a paid and you will have to buy a license from them after the trial period expires.

7-Zip on the other hand is a free file archiver, which also supports the .rar format, 7-zip is also a open source software which we had earlier included in the 35+ amazing and free softwares.

Download 7-Zip [7-Zip Homepage]

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  • Nigel Y.

    Yes, maybe 7-zip is free, but I tried it and it crashes constantly on my PC. I decided to shell out $25 for BitZipper which has proven to be well worth the money.

    It has a cool batch tool that lets me extract multiple RAR files at once into separate folders. Wonderful, after uTorrent has been at work all night :-)

  • fullytabulli

    howdy lads. i download 7 what eva. no good. gone bye bye

  • Chris


    works well for mac and linux machines

    it's online tool so it works better if the file size is not that big

  • Dario

    I agree. 7-zip is the best option for rar files

  • Hi! Thank you for the post, but am having problems while trying to install the application after downloading the 7-Zip from the link you have posted above. Is there any other free software apart from 7-Zip to open and view .rar files?